Let's get started seeing some of my work!

Painting is my passion.

Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I began drawing at an early age. I was impressed by the use of color and the feelings they evoked. I developed my art from crayons, pencil and pen and ink into using oils. I was fascinated by the fluidity and vibrancy of oil paints. 

I am self-taught. I attended Fashion Institute of Technology, New York for one year. Fashion illustration was not fulfilling. However, I took with me the discipline of Life Drawing and how to capture a mood in minute poses.  I took a course in photography at School for Visual Arts, New York, where I learned how to control contrasts and shadows.


I am inspired and motivated by how I feel and what I see in daily occurrences, conversations and music I hear.  I use color to arouse an emotion and stir a memory. I employ different methods, working with broad brush strokes, merging rich impasto vibrant colors and lines, sparing detail and perspective.  With palette knives, I sketch figures, capturing a fleeting moment.  I do not conform to one style or subject matter.  They are forever changing, challenging myself to be daring and different.

My intention is for you to experience an intimate connection; to question what you are looking at and to visualize personal images within your mind. 

I currently live in Lambertville, New Jersey with my spouse, Peter Prorok, whose invaluable encouragement and belief in my art inspires me on a daily basis.


Naked In New Hope Exhibit, New Hope Sidetracks Art Gallery, New Hope, PA (2006 - 2018) 

Kathy Begg Gallery, New Hope, PA (2012)

Nagy Gallery, New Hope, PA (2013)

Byers Annual Juried Show, New Hope, PA (2013)

Lambertville Hall, Lambertville, NJ (2014)

A Stage In Time: The Music Series "Forget Your Troubles!" Solo Exhibition (2014)

Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia, PA First Fridays, Home Tours (2014)

J,B. Kline, Lambertville, NJ Group Showing (2015)

Q-Spot, LGBT Center, Ocean Grove, NJ Art & Benefit Show Solo Exhibition (2015)

A Stage In Time, Lambertville, NJ "Fevered Dreams" Solo exhibition 2016

​A Stage In Time, Lambertville, NJ "EV-0-LU-TION" Solo exhibition 2017

​​     ​